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Are you frustrated like I was, being unable to see your electric motor when fishing. Someone sitting at the bow of the boat, coolers upfront, windshield in the way of your view of the motor head, or telling your partner to move so you see it? NO MORE!!

The DeView by DeBilt (DbD) extends from your electric motor to a height where you can see which way its heading at all times. It is easy to attach, light weight, and easy to take off for storage if you wish.

With DbD you can fish and guide your boat with ease. No more stress…. Once you use it you won’t go without it. After all, would you sit down and enjoy TV without the remote? When you don’t have it, you really miss it.

A man. A need. An idea.

Our Story

While fishing with a friend, I found myself telling him to move a little to the side so I could see my motor head more times than I wanted. It was getting annoying to him and me. Visiting with other fishermen, I found they were feeling the same frustration. So I started on a few prototypes of my own and after using it I decided I would not go without it. As I was using it, other boats were taking notice and wanted to know where I bought it. At that point, I decided to pursue and now I have a Patent Pending product that I am very excited to share with the fishing world.

How it works

There are a lot of different ways that Deview by DeBilt can be used…let your imagination get to work. It was created to attach to the shaft of the trolling motor which will let you know whatever direction that you are heading. 

But, like we said, be creative. We have a few techniques that stand out the most for your learning experience. These are just a few of the techniques used, we know that there are lots more.


Technique 1

Ted Takasaki’s 4 wheel drive fishing – using the electric motor and kicker motor at the same time to help keep your lines straight while being at the back of the boat.

Technique 2

Drifting with a boat brake keeping bow of boat parallel with waves while you are at the back of the boat.

Technique 3

Having all your gear, coolers, and someone fishing in the front of the boat while trolling with electric motor and be in control at the back of the boat.

Minutes to Install

Deview by Debilt was built with the everyday fisherman in mind. We understand that you want to get out on the water as soon as you can. Deview by Debilt is a quick accessory that will help relieve stress while out on the water and help you catch what you are fishing for. In just 5 minutes, you will know what direction you are going.

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DeView by DeBilt


The Deview is an attachment to the electric trolling motor shaft that allows you to see visual of which direction your motor head is pointing from any place in the boat. It extends from approximately 34 inches to a mid-point of 45 inches, to full extension 60 inches.

Other uses for this could include on a pontoon, kayak, or any other vessel that has a trolling motor attached.

The weight is approximately 1lb.


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